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“Where rice is not just a product but a constant and growing endeavour for the best.”

The pristine foothills of the Himalayas have been the home to the flavorful, aromatic Basmati Rice for centuries. Basmati Rice has become an inevitable part of many world cuisines. Starting in 1983, Alishaan has been relentlessly working towards producing, preserving, and bringing to its customers ‘a wholesome culinary experience’.

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Why Us

At Alishaan, we measure our presence in terms of the smile & satisfaction created in the past 37 years.


    Our journey involves 37 determined years and millions of satisfied taste buds.
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    Our practice evokes the best of ageless traditions that have transcended over generations.
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  • Quality

    Every step in the process is quality controlled to provide you with the best grains.
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    We are committed to enhancing the customer experience to an all-new level.
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    Each grain of Alishaan basmati rice is certified and approved.
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Being Alishaan 

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”― George Bernard Shaw

At Alishaan we savor a legacy that has a grain of tradition, the culture of purity, and the value of exclusivity. Our profound legacy of over 40 years coupled with the best milling and production practices bring to you, not just the finest varieties of Superba, XL Sella, Delight, Aroma A1, Brown Basmati Rice, but the finest dining experience.

Born in the lap of the Himalayas and nurtured with the holy Ganges river, each grain of Alishaan is a culinary delight. Careful seed selection and the best farming practices ensure the longest and the most aromatic grains that are pure, full of flavor, and fluffy. The state-of-the-art multi-level processing ensures a salubrious aroma, a delectable taste, and immaculately clean rice.


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Born in the lap of Himalayas, nurtured with 4000 liters of water, soaked in 120 days of sun, a masterpiece of over a 1000 craftsmen, I fascinate, I entice, I tantalize.


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