Why Basmati Rice is special than Regular Rice?

Why Basmati Rice is special than Regular Rice

Why Basmati Rice is special than Regular Rice?

When it comes to Basmati Rice, the world has expectations of premiumness. Known as the King of Rice, Basmati Rice is no ordinary long grain of Rice. Alishaan Basmati Rice is grown in the Himalayas with extreme care and love to meet the legacy of Basmati’s heritage. Basmati Rice is the authentic Rice cuisine for Indians for centuries grown mostly in the Himalayan region of the country, aged for months at a stretch to achieve the world-famous taste and aroma of the delicacy.

Why Basmati Rice is special than Regular Rice | The King Of Rice, Basmati Rice

The King of Rice, Basmati Rice 

Basmati Rice is one of the things that drove invaders from across the world to visit India to taste this delicacy, and when they did some of them were so wooed by its unmatched exotic taste, they decided to stay back in India.

What makes Basmati Rice so special?

But Basmati Rice is not only famous for its taste and aroma but also the number of health benefits and nutritious values it comes with. Basmati Rice is rich in fibre, which is also gluten-free and highly beneficial for people on any kind of diet. Basmati rice is not only rich in flavour or health benefits but also has a rich history in the Indian Royal Heritage.
Why Basmati Rice is special than Regular Rice | Alishaan | What Makes Basmati Rice So Special?
Why Basmati Rice is special than Regular Rice | Alishaan | Indulge In Taste As Well As Health

Indulge in taste as well as health

Basmati Rice has always been associated with luxury and royalty and why not? It is the king of rice after all! Basmati is translated as ‘The fragrant one” which is the exact definition of this rich cuisine. Basmati Rice’s aroma is one of a kind and cannot be matched with any plain grain of rice ever.

Underrated benefits of Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice has many benefits that make it so special when compared to plain grain rice. This is because the rice consists of many attributes which people do not even know about. Basmati rice was consumed by royals and the rich since centuries because of its many health benefits.
  • Basmati Rice is Diabetes and Allergy friendly
  • It has a very low glycaemic index
  • It contains a high level of fibre which is good for the digestive       system
  • Basmati Rice contains all 9 essential amino acids
  • It is a good choice for people with a higher blood pressure as it      controls the BP
Underrated Benefits Of Basmati Rice
Premiumness Of The Long Grain Rice

Premiumness of the long grain rice

The texture and feel of the rice are also way apart from plain rice. The thin and long yet smooth texture of the rice makes it stand alone as the king in the plethora of different rice available in the market. Basmati Rice comes in many varieties and flavors and some varieties of Basmati Rice can go up to being 25mm long. The different varieties of rice also have distinct aromas which can be smelled from a distance when the rice is being cooked. For traditional dishes like Biryani and many other Persian, Iranian and Arabic cuisines, the Basmati Rice is the only choice of Rice that is considered. This is because no plain grain of rice can match the delicate yet distinct taste and feel of Basmati Rice.

Rice that is aged gracefully

Unlike plain Rice, Basmati Rice is first aged for months to achieve the flavor that comes with aging. Basmati Rice is therefore known as the champagne and wine of Rice because the more the rice is aged, the better the flavour it gives out when cooked. Like a King, Basmati Rice needs constant nourishment and care and the best of Basmati Rice can be grown with constant love and affection. The rice needs specific weather conditions and specific land conditions to be grown to its full extent of flavour and aroma.
Why Basmati Rice is special than Regular Rice | Alishaan | Rice That Is Aged Gracefully
What Makes Basmati Rice Different From Other Long Grain Rice

What makes Basmati Rice different from other long grain rice:

  • The aroma is what makes a difference
  • The finest texture and delicate grains
  • Does not break while cooking
  • Compliments a number of cuisines
  • An essential ingredient for heritage delicacies
The Rice needs to be given a lot of care passionately while in its growing stage because it is extremely delicate to handle and is prone to wind damage. The constant efforts put in by the farmers who are growing Basmati Rice is way more when compared to the normal care and affection given to the plain rice grown. This is the reason the price of Basmati Rice is way much higher than that of Plain Rice or any Ordinary Long Grain Rice.

The finest Basmati Rice

Alishaan Basmati Rice is grown in the Himalayan Region of India with constant love and affection to ensure that the rice reaches its premium quality once grown and aged. Not only manual care is given to the Rice crop but advanced technology is also used to ensure that every grain of rice is as smooth and seamless as it should be. Growing and aging Basmati rice is a responsibility and thus, the King of Rice is given all the love and care by the fully trained farmers from the first stage to the last stage before it reaches the plates of millions across the world.
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