Being Alishaan

“Where rice is not just a product but a constant and growing endeavour for the best.”

The pristine foothills of the Himalayas have been the home to the flavorful, aromatic basmati rice for centuries. Basmati rice has become an inevitable part of many world cuisines. Starting in 1983, Alishaan has been relentlessly working towards producing, preserving, and bringing to its customers ‘a wholesome culinary experience’.

Behind this journey from farm to fork has been a dream to personify the true experience of basmati rice for every household and every food connoisseur around the world.

Superior technology, strategic location, international expertise, and a vision that would enhance customer experience mark our priority. Our growth over the years showcases our consistency, market acceptability, and consumer-centric approach.

The highly skilled workforce forms a formidable back- up to ensure an unimpeded flow of goods and services to the discerning customers across the globe. Nurturing new ideas and promoting knowledge sharing have been the core strengths of the company.

At Alishaan, it’s all about sharing and caring. We constantly work towards the welfare of our farmers and the community they live in through our community initiatives.

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