This delicate basmati rice is loved by many food lovers in the world for its lightweight and easy-to-eat properties. The rice is also known as the everyday table rice because it can be consumed daily as well and who doesn’t love the beautiful flavors of authentic basmati rice every day along with different varieties of food. Delight Basmati Rice can be 18mm long after being cooked and is thus cherished on the tables of households across the world. The lightweight flavor makes sure it’s not heavy on the stomach and is friendly to the stomach. The rice is known for its smooth texture which dissolves easily in the mouth.

  • Smooth Texture and aromatic taste
  • Authentic Indian Basmati Rice
  • Can be consumed as everyday table rice
  • Is complimentary to many cuisines
  • Goes up to 18mm long after being cooked


Packaging size available:

Pouch Pack –1kg10lb5kg20kg
Jar –1kg2kg5kg
Non-Woven bag –40lb


Each grain of Alishaan Basmati Rice is certified and approved by world accredited certifying agencies and bodies:

  • BRC – Grade A
  • FSMA
  • Costco Addendum
  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 22000(FSMS)
  • WASH for COVID
  • NPPO USA and China