Sella Basmati Rice is the parboiled Indian Basmati Rice that is loved by many across the world for its aromatic flavor and diabetic friendliness. The extra-long grains each have an enigmatic flavor of their own and when cooked in bulk, the alluring fragrance and flavor of the rice can add sparkle to any special occasion. The rice is loved for its bulk cooking as well as healthy properties that can be consumed by people with diabetes. It is loved in many countries for being the main source of their delicate cuisines including Iranian, Arabic, and Persian cuisines. The extra hard grains ensure that not a single grain breaks during cooking.

  • Extra Hard Grains suitable for bulk cooking
  • Aromatic authentic basmati rice flavor
  • Parboiled Indian Basmati Rice
  • Easy to Cook
  • Delicacy amongst cuisines of many countries


Packaging size available:

Pouch Pack –1kg10lb5kg20kg
Jar –1kg2kg5kg
Non-Woven bag –20kg40lb


Each grain of Alishaan Basmati Rice is certified and approved by world accredited certifying agencies and bodies:

  • BRC – Grade A
  • FSMA
  • Costco Addendum
  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 22000(FSMS)
  • WASH for COVID
  • NPPO USA and China